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The “before” and “after” right next to one another.

Painting the home office. Painting the home office.

And there, look, this is just what a corner looked like up close before…. and after.

Painting the home office. Painting the home office.

See what I mean? A few hours. One coat of paint. One amazingly different looking room. The kind of room that might actually serve as inspiration and create, rather than destroy, energy.

For anyone interested, we used Benjamin Moore self-priming semi-gloss paint in “Super White”. It proved to be rather time consuming and difficult to procure low VOC paint, so we kept the window open in the room while we worked and hoped for the best.

Also, I created a new section on the menu in the top left called “Shoestring Reno”. If you want to find all of the entries for our home renovations, they will all be there in one place.

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