Thursday, June 27, 2013

summer potato salad

Leftover potato and spring vegetable salad for lunch while I take a break from cooking and invoice my client. Sugar snap peas, radishes, spring onions and parsley in a yogurt-olive-oil-Dijon dressing. #privatechefmonth

Yesterday, in a 5-4 landmark ruling, the Supreme Court struck down the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and effectively allowed marriage equality in the state of California.

Also, there’s this potato salad.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

vietnamese pork chops

Vietnamese pork chops #latergram #vscocam #privatechefmonth

A few things here that I want to say real fast before work swallows me whole for the day.

1. I’m sorry for posting traif. While we’re not exactly a kosher household, pork rarely makes it on our plates save for bacon and prosciutto, aka, “meat candy”.

2. Andrew and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary, and I guess we’re no longer newlyweds, except I refuse to believe it and whenever someone tries to inform me of the actual time frame that defines the term, I just put hands over my ears and sing myself a song. Despite the insane amount of work on my plate, I vowed (the day before our anniversary, as Sunday was my private chef day) to not even think about work for a day, and that’s exactly what we did, spent a whole day hanging out in the city eating oysters and farmer’s market strawberries. It was swell.

3. Two days ago I worked out next to Jaime Lannister, aka dreamboat Nikolai Coster-Waldau, and almost fell off my treadmill due to excitement.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

roasted chicken legs with lemon and oregano

Lemon oregano chicken mise en place.

Darlings, I’m going to make it quick. Things are about to go all topsy-turvy (I’m told the manuscript comes back today – gulp), and I want to share this recipe with you. We’ve been making these roasted chicken legs with lemon and oregano for several months now; as soon as the recipe appeared in Bon Appetit magazine, it’s been a staple of our regular weeknight meals. Quick, effortless, delicious, and dare I say, idiot-proof?

Because I get up at 6am and work non-stop (maybe with a running break a few mornings a week) until close of day (or beyond), I sometimes emerge from my desk a little stupid. What I mean by that is it takes me a few hours to shake off the work on my brain, which sometimes impairs my dinner-prep abilities. Have I burned dinner? Yes. Under-seasoned it? You bet. Over-seasoned it? No doubt. Anything that can make my weeknights easier, more streamlined, less frenetic – I’m all for it. And if I’m being totally honest, any dinner that I can “cook” while sipping a glass of wine, is my kind of dinner. Which this chicken dish totally is.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

mushroom bourguignon

mushroom bourguignon

Friends, I’ve been meaning to publish this recipe since Monday, but it has been a seriously busy week. That book I was working on for most of the last year is finally coming back to me, warts edits and all, come Monday. I’m bracing myself: With regular work, the private chef gig, and these edits, I might go into a cave and just work until the edits need to be submitted.

Here is another recipe I made for the client last week: mushroom bourguignon. I adapted it from Deb as it was a perfect “meaty” recipe to satisfy a non-meat eater. My client’s husband eats fish, but we agreed that I will cook a mix of meat and non meat to make sure that my client gets enough different proteins. The husband just agreed to eat all the dinner components that work for him and off we went. But seeing as at home we eat very little meat to begin with, it didn’t feel like a stretch to create many vegetarian meals that had all the heft and flavor of animal protein.

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